It’s Banned Books Week!

I first heard about banned books week in high school, and I was baffled—people were banning books?! Why? When I looked up the list my jaw dropped. Half of my favorite books were on that list! For those of you that don't know, Banned Books Week pushes back against censorship and celebrates the freedom to [...]

Writer’s Block, and Reading Something Different.

Ah, writer’s block. Most of us have faced it. Sometimes it hits us as soon as we open up a blank page, but other days it can be patient. Sneaky, even. It creeps up when we’re five pages, maybe even fifty, into a story. The well dries up, and you’re staring at the screen…with no [...]

New story available

Really excited to share that my micro fiction piece, "Turnover", is now live at 101words!! The story is only 101 words long, and it's about a disgruntled narrator who is having some trouble with their golem making process... I'm a big fan of 101words so I'm thrilled to have something published by them. Please feel [...]