Published work


Daughters of Silt and Cedars (8,000~ words) Kaleidotrope, July 2019

Mother’s Rules For a Burned Girl (1,000 words) Flash Fiction Online Jan 2018

Pipe Dream 101 words October 2017

The Little Pieces (999 words) Theme of Absence Oct 2017

The Farmer’s Boy (3727 words) Scarlet Leaf Review Oct 2017

The Nompers forthcoming in Alternative Truths 2 Anthology, date tbd

A Perennial’s Chorus (996 words) Asymmetry Sept. 2017

The Misna’s Gift (994 words) The Ginger Collect, September 2017

Salt Mine (23 words) Story Seed Vault, August 2017

Turnover  101words, July 2017

Seashells (3043 words) Aphelion, May 2017



Interview at Theme of Absence Oct 2017

Interview at The Ginger Collect Oct 2017

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