New story available!

Happy Monday everyone! I’m happy to share that yesterday my short story “The Farmer’s Boy” went live in The Scarlet Leaf Review. This one is a little longer than some of my recent pieces (3700 words!) and a bit more true to the YA high fantasy that’s so close to my heart. It follows a young man that’s struggling to find his role among wyvern riders.

Here’s a peek:

 Scortha kept telling him, “Keep steady, watch your back, and mind the teeth.”
Elias stood up to his ankles in the mud. Old bruises mixed with new ones on his face, wrapping his jaw in yellow. His lower lip was cracked down the middle.

“Do you have the Siren dust?” Scortha asked him again.

“Of course.” He could feel the thin bag even now, tucked away against his hip. There was a barely a pinch, but even a single bit ingested would be enough to knock out even a grown man. A bag could handle something much bigger.

“Cover your ears,” Scortha warned.

The shriek of the wyvern whistle made him jump, as if the sound was scraping thin nails along the bones of his jaw.

He felt the forest pause, as if it, too, were scared and being tested for the first time.

His heart beat faster. The hope that he tried so hard to keep tampered down rushed through him. It’d been three years since he begged Scortha to take him on as an apprentice. Three years he’d been searching.

The trees shivered. The birds stopped singing.

You can read the entire story here.

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