A look back at September

September was an odd month for me.

Three of my stories finally went live, two of which were accepted ages ago so I’d been dying for them to make their way into the world. My favorite among them (and yes, I do pick favorites) is definitely A Perennial’s Chorus. I don’t know that it’s my best story, but it’s definitely the one I’m proudest of, and there’s something about it I’m very fond of. Of course, that could also mean it’s the worst among the lot. So it goes.

 September was not the best writing month for me, but I FINALLY got some more reading done. I bought Angie Thomas’ The Hate U Give way back in March, read the first two chapters, and then life got in the way. At the end of September I picked it up again and read the entire thing in two days. That book chewed me up and spit me out. I highly, highly recommend it to anyone looking for a good book to read. The voice is fantastic, and I’m wildly in love with the characters.

It’s been so long that I absolutely binge-read a book. It felt amazing. It felt like I was back in middle school, when I didn’t have a full-time job or a life to keep together—when I could just sit at home and read all day, every day, while summer rolled by outside.

I think that’s what brings me back to YA over and over again. I love reading biographies and adult fiction, but YA just has this grip on me that absolutely sucks me in. Maybe that’s why it has such a tender place in my heart.

Finishing THUG put me at 19 books for the year. My goal was 15, because with my senior year I knew I’d be insanely busy. This is the first time I’ve actually beat my Goodreads goal and now that I’ve graduated I’m excited to read way, way more!! I’m hoping to try and get to 25 books before 2018.

Some writing updates:

I have one more story coming out this month. My fantasy piece The Farmer’s Boy will go live in Scarlet Leaf Review on the 15th. I’ve still got several other submissions pending out there in the world, so fingers crossed I’ll have more good news to announce soon!

Also, for the first time in five years…I’m querying. And trying not to panic. This is my second time querying a book (although admittedly the first time around I had NO idea what I was doing) and I spent a lot of years reworking this novel into something I was proud of. I’ve got my fingers crossed, but regardless of how it ends, it feels good to finally let myself step away from this project. I already know what I want my next manuscript to be about. I’ve known for a while now. It’s like the characters have been sitting off to the side waiting their turn, and now they finally get to take the stage.

I’m also definitely going to continue writing and submitting short fiction. When I started this process back in march, my goal was merely to get a short story published. Then it was to have my first semi-pro sale. Now I’m up to eight short stories that have been accepted or already published. The next big goal is my first pro-market sale…and then we’ll see where we go from there.

Some other updates:

This is a small one, but the website got a bit of a makeover! I’ve wanted a cool header image for some time now, and I’m super thankful to my little sister/master photographer for snapping this fantastic image. I also now have an author page on Facebook so that’s….weird. But exciting!

I think that’s about it. This was a strange month, but not a bad month. So here’s to October. May the spooky month bring happy results from my querying, some fantastic binge-reading, and more short stories.

Happy writing!

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