New flash fiction available

Last week I brought you a bittersweet story about lake monsters and grief…and this week I’m thrilled to announce my story “A Perennial’s Chorus” has gone live in Asymmetry magazine! It’s a story of life, growth, and loss from the perspective of a tree.

Yes, a tree. A dryad, to be more specific.

Here’s a peek at the first few lines:

I remember when all of the trees died and their dryads with them. The death, like many things, came from below.

“The humans brought this,” some dryads whispered, their voices cracking with fear. Horror stories were carried to us on the wind, whispering of gnawing vermin. At night, I slipped inside my sapling and shivered beneath its too-thin bark. I dreamed the earth turning black and dry, of our roots shriveling as fungus ate us from the inside. I woke writhing to an itch that made my slender branches tremble.

We tried killing the humans.

You can read the full story here.

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